100+ different map trays available on

100+ custom designs done for resellers via :

Design a tray with your artwork – no minimums

Are you looking for a custom tray design? This process is easy and takes just 5 minutes: you upload your image like map, artwork, photo etc , adjust the design and pay for trays with your credit card. Estimated availability in 5 weeks. Shipping is always FREE!!

Three wooden birch wood tray sizes available – prices start at $21!

Co-branded Exclusive Designs for Retail

Are you operating a gift, aviation or maritime store, university, yacht club or museum or just looking for an amazing corporate gift? Contact us and we are happy to share more information about our low wholesale prices, co-branding options. Our design services are always free. We ship the trays from Northern California.

Each tray tells a story

 A captain, proud to of sailed certain bodies of water, a aircraft pilot who once flew up high, or an ordinary civilian who wanted a lasting memory. A tray can leave a lasting memory or laugh, while still serving a functional use for years. Our designs range from aviation, nautical and topographic to humorous and custom designs.

 We design our trays in Redwood City, CA, which are then handcrafted in Scandinavia. Our trays are made of sheets of birch wood veneer from the dense forests of Scandinavia, guaranteeing high quality. We believe the tray should be made to the best of quality, providing as much usage as possible – with one limitation: these amazing map trays are only for landing drinks, never for navigation.


 100+ designs available