Swedish craftsmanship
We take pride in creating an amazing, handcrafted wooden unique tray and we hope the tray will be part of your social gatherings for years to come. Sometimes the unique maps on the tray might be a conversation starter. The tray is made of 5 to 7 layers of sheets of thin birch wood veneer which are glued together. All the layers of material are assembled by hand and pressed into the shape of a tray with the help of heat and high pressure. The direction of the grain is alternated in each layer to increase the stability, sturdiness and reducing bending. Sheets are single sheets to avoid cracking. If your parents or grand-parents visited Europe, and brought a beautiful wooden tray as a souvenir from Europe back to the USA, it is very likely it is it was handcrafted in the same factory as team has been handcrafting different birch wood items since 1950’s and current employs 40 employees. Trays4Us has been partnering with the supplier since 2012.

Birch from certified and responsible sources in Scandinavia
Birch is both durable and flexible which makes it very suitable for molding into different shapes. The used birch wood is FSC (https://ic.fsc.org/en) -certified which means that the wood comes from responsible sources in Scandinavia. Every year forest breeders are audited as required by the certification.

Do not put the tray in microwave. It is not microwave safe.
Do not place hot pots on the trays as it will damage the tray.
Do not use the tray as a cutting board as sharp items can damage the melamine seal.
Always when carrying a tray, use extreme caution.
Maps on the trays are only for illustration only, trays should be only used to land your drinks, never for navigation.

Tray is sealed with transparent melamine coat on both side. If some red wine spills on the tray, just rinse it off.

If needed, the tray can withstand to be washed in the dishwasher, but it is not recommended as the colors will fade if done regularly.